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Miss Milstein and her first LCCS Kindergarten classHannah Milstein returned to the halls of Lake Country Christian School for the 2014-15 school year. This time around, she was the teacher instead of the student. Hannah, LCCS Class of 2009, received her B.S. from Tarleton State University and returned to LCCS to teach Kindergarten. With her first year of teaching at LCCS behind her, we asked Hannah about the impact Lake Country Christian School has had in her life through the years.

Tell us about your decision to return to LCCS?
I returned to LCCS because I felt the environment was one to support in my teaching career. The teachers that I had here always expressed their care and support, which I wanted to give back to other students. It was important to me that I would be at a place where my faith was encouraged and shared with my kids in the classroom. I have enjoyed being back and working with those that helped walked alongside me during my education at LCCS.

How well did LCCS prepare you for college?
LCCS helped prepare me for college by providing rigorous academic opportunities to challenge me. I was able to learn applicable study skills. In high school, I learned how to manage academics and extracurricular activities which was a huge part to helping manage my schedule and classes in college.

What has changed, or not changed, since you graduated?
There has been a lot of change since I was a student at LCCS, but the biggest change would be the 21st century learning tools and resources that are now available. One thing that has not changed since my time as a student at Lake Country is our focus on the importance of depositing Christian values in each child.

Share something from your time as a student that really impacted your life.
The mission trips that I took during my time at Lake Country impacted my life and career in ways I didn’t expect. It revealed my heart for kids and teaching while teaching me things about myself that would not have been possible just sitting in a classroom. I am forever grateful for those experiences and times.

Any advice for today’s high school students?
I would encourage high school students to enjoy the season of their life because it only lasts for the four years. It is important to participate in the opportunities that are available and will help you grow as individual (it pays off). Take time to make friends. They will be your forever friends, and don’t forget to have fun!

What about when you are away from school, or if you weren’t teaching?
I enjoy crafting and working on different DIY projects. I am not sure where I would be, if I was not teaching. Working on a beach somewhere…

While we celebrate the success of all our alumni through their university careers and into their chosen professions, it is fun to watch when their path brings them home to the halls of Lake Country Christian School. It is exciting to have Hannah, and other returning Eagles, back at LCCS to lead our current students.