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trombone for blogThroughout his time at Lake Country, band director Paul Martin has impressed upon students the words made famous by Peter Loel Boonshaft, “Today I will give everything I have, for anything I keep I will have lost forever.” One of those students, Riley Henderson is newly graduated and headed to Belmont University in the fall.

A longtime band member, Riley recently approached Mr. Martin about next year’s band students, wanting to do something special for one of them but unsure how to proceed. Their discussion turned to Aiden Perry, a student wrapping up his 5th grade year and his first year in band. Mr. Martin described Aiden as dedicated and hard-working, someone who brought his instrument daily, even when they didn’t have band class. Reminded of himself at that age, Riley later returned with his personal trombone.  Including a note with Mr. Martin’s signature quote, he left the instrument as a gift for Aiden.

Before last year, Aiden had no plans to be in band. If not for the requirement in 5th grade, he admitted he would never have given it another thought. Now it’s become his number one passion. When told about the gift, Aiden’s only thought was, “Wow!” Even from a distance, he considered Riley a role model, as the two of them shared an interest in the trombone. He was surprised such a blessing would arise from someone beyond his family.

“Today I will give everything I have, for anything I keep I will have lost forever.” These words traveled from Mr. Martin’s dry-erase board and became part of Riley’s life, painted on his senior parking space and written on his heart. Now they have traveled one step further, to an incoming sixth grader, an up-and-coming band member.  Aiden is excited to continue learning next year, his very own trombone in hand, ready to make his own music.