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Congratulations to all the amazing artists on campus with artwork in the LCCS Art Festival! We have such talented students! Here are the winners of the 2020 LCCS Art Festival:

1st Place – Gio Musmecci
2nd Place – Paige Belton
3rd Place – Preston Coiner
Honorable Mention – Cilla Dunn

1st Grade:
1st Place – Oliver Owens
2nd Place – Eva Steel
3rd Place – Aaron Daman
Honorable Mention – Landon Peffer

2nd Grade:
1st Place – Cooper Collette
2nd Place – Noah Buchanan
3rd Place – Quinn Larson
Honorable Mention – Hudson Skogsberg

3rd & 4th Grade:
1st Place – Maclaine Larson
2nd Place – Molly Fraser
3rd Place – Laila Hart
Honorable Mention – Jake Buchanan

5th & 6th Grade:
1st Place – Adalyn Lunsford
2nd Place – Beau Biedenharn
3rd Place – Mary Graves
Honorable Mention – Adalyn Lunsford

7th & 8th Grade:
1st Place – Kyla Coiner
2nd Place – Molly Muldowney
3rd Place – Emma Russo
Honorable Mention – Delila Mayse

9th & 10th Grade:
1st Place – Emily Fraser
2nd Place – Kadence Lewis-DeAna
3rd Place – Elle Fisher
Honorable Mention – Reese Lockhart

11th & 12th Grade:
1st Place – Jessica Naizer
2nd Place – Addie Allenbrand
3rd Place – Arnold Xu
Honorable Mention – Avanelle Hosey