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Sections below include ALPINE Cleaning, Protocols, Task Team Updates, and Updates from Head of School Mark Earwood.

Latest Update from LCCS Head of School Mark Earwood:

Eagle Families:

The Board of LCCS met via zoom today to discuss the impacts of Governor Abbott’s lifting of the mask mandate in Texas and of County Judge Whitley doing the same for Tarrant County.  In addition to the Board, also attending were Mark Earwood, LCCS Head of School, and Shelby Sharpe, Attorney with Sharpe and Rector, Legal Counsel for LCCS.

After discussion, the Board voted unanimously that masks would be Recommended but not Required at LCCS for students and faculty effective immediately.  This is the only Covid19 protocol that will change at this time.

  • Masks are Recommended, Not Required.  We ask that everyone respect each family’s independent decisions for their child and not allow this to become a stigma or litmus test.  Every family faces different realities of which no one outside that family is aware.  Let’s love our neighbor and exhibit real Eagle DNA.
  • Social Distancing is still the #1 preventative action for mitigating the spread of Covid19 and it will stay in place at LCCS at this time.  Not only does social distancing mitigate the spread, but it also eliminates the adverse effects that Contact Tracing causes the school and families.
  • The School must still report positive cases of Covid19 to Tarrant County Public Health.  Our status as a Private Christian School does not negate this responsibility.  Quarantining is still a factor and we are required to accurately report all close contacts.
  • Hand sanitizing is still an essential action in mitigating the spread.  This practice will continue.
  • According to the research, the greatest threat of spread to children is Adult to Child.  For this reason, the restriction on adult guests will stay in place at this time.

When school got underway in August, our prayer was that the Lord would allow us to stay open to in-person education for the school year.  We are ¾ of the way through and God has been faithful We also pledged that when we saw the environment was conducive, we would begin to relax our protocols.  That is what we are doing with masks at this time.

I know that Covid is a very controversial issue and the opinions vary widely.  We kindly ask for your support and continued prayers as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Blessings and Peace,

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School
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ALPINE Cleaning:

Info on Alpine protocols
Letter regarding Terminal Clean dated 8-20-2020

New Protocols for 2020-’21:

High School COVID-19 Protocols Letter
Middle School COVID-19 Protocols Letter
Elementary School COVID-19 Protocols Letter

Re-Opening Task Team:

Frequently Asked Questions Re: COVID-19

  1. What if my child runs a fever or exhibits other COVID-like symptoms?
    First and foremost, parents are urged to keep their students at home if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and/or running a fever.  This reduces the potential spread of all communicable diseases as well as COVID.  LCCS will conduct screening before allowing any individual access to the LCCS buildings.
  2. How will Symptom Screening work for students/parents/faculty/guests?
    The Tarrant County Public Health Guidelines  (page 16) for re-opening school includes two categories of questions for screening:  Symptoms and Exposure.   While a “yes” response to a symptom does not necessarily mean COVID protocols, a “yes” response to potential exposure could.  A combination of “yes” in both categories would necessitate denial of entry into the building.
  3. My student has asthma or allergies. Will he/she really be sent home for a cough?
    No.  We ask questions as to the baseline for the symptom and if there is any variation.
  4. Should siblings of a symptomatic child be kept at home?
    Yes.  Any time a family member is exhibiting COVID-like symptoms, all those living in the household should quarantine.
  5. When a student or teacher tests positive, will the entire class be quarantined for two weeks or will it be just the individual?
    The entire class “could” be quarantined, dependent upon other factors such as distancing and the amount of time they were exposed.  Contact tracing will be conducted by the school as quickly as possible and those determined not at risk would be allowed to return to class.
  6. When a student or teacher tests positive, will everyone in the class need to be tested?
    No.  Testing is left up to the individual families and their healthcare providers.
  7. If one of my children is placed in quarantine because of an exposure at school, can their sibling still come to school?
    Yes, however, if the quarantined child becomes symptomatic, the sibling should be kept at home and asked to quarantine at that time.
  8. When a student or teacher tests positive, what is the length of quarantine and will he/she need to have a negative test to return to school?
    After a positive test, the individual should isolate until A) The person has been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicines  B) Their respiratory symptoms have improved  AND C) It has been at least 10 days since the onset of symptoms or positive test if they were asymptomatic.
  9. Under what circumstances would the entire school need to close and go back to 100% virtual?
    Our efforts at creating divisions within the school and cohorts within divisions (in Elementary and Middle School) will hopefully be a mitigating factor in keeping portions of the school open if an outbreak occurs.  If there are simultaneous outbreaks across divisions, an evaluation would be made by the Re-Opening Committee in consultation with TCPH about the merits of closing the entire school for 14 days, but commencing with in-person instruction immediately after that closing period.   This would be similar to past practices of closing the school when a flu outbreak occurs that affects a high percentage of students.
  10. When will masks be used during the school day at LCCS?
    Masks will be utilized outside the classroom when social distancing isn’t feasible.  This would include dropoff/pickup times, transition times between classes, high traffic areas, and group activities within the classroom that will call for up-close work, such as science labs and reading groups.  Masks are a part of the school’s overall COVID safety protocol and will be used in other instances deemed appropriate for the safety of students and staff.
  11. When will school get “back to normal”?
    It is the desire of LCCS to get life back to a sense of normal for our children as soon as it is safe to do so.  We will monitor saturation levels of COVID-19 in Tarrant Co and will adjust our protocols and protections as fitting.  When levels of COVID infections decrease and/or stabilize at a low rate, we will ease the protocols accordingly.

Read Previous Task Team Updates Here

LCCS FAMILY UPDATES from LCCS Head of School Mark Earwood:


There is a great deal of confusion after the announcement by Tarrant County Judge Whitely that mask mandates are eliminated in Tarrant County immediately.  This order does not preempt the Governor’s order, so therefore has no effect on the current situation until next Wednesday when the State mandate is dropped.  Both the Governor’s order and the County Judge’s order have to do with public establishments and gatherings, neither of which apply to a private school.   The school is under the guidance of the TCPH with “Standards of Care” established by the Texas Education Agency, which all schools, public and private, are expected to follow or “establish similar standards”.  We are waiting to hear from both entities as to what this means for schools in our area.  We expect to hear from each by the end of the week or first of next week.

In the meantime, our current protocols will continue.  The Board of Directors at LCCS is gathering information and reviewing data for direction moving forward.  Please keep them and the Administration in your prayers.


Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School


The COVID-19 Committee (formerly the Re-opening Committee) continues to monitor COVID related activity in our county, region and state. We have identified the indicators we will utilize to help us determine when and if modifications to our current protocols are in order. It was unanimously agreed that both County and State Health Department assessments of COVID-risk would be used in making these determinations. These areas will be monitored and discussed at each subsequent meeting and any applicable adjustments made at that time. It was also the unanimous opinion of the committee that the two weeks beyond Labor Day Weekend were critical in monitoring COVID infections in the area. With so much travel, the ensuing two weeks beyond Labor Day could be an indicator of the prevalence and spread of covid19 in our area.

We truly thank our families and students for the support of the protocols currently in place. The appropriate use of face coverings, disinfecting efforts, and limiting the introduction of new individuals into our cohorts (restricting visitation) has been superb and should pay off not only in the fight against COVID-19 but in other seasonal viruses that can plague a school in a given year.

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School

Dear Eagle Family:

LCCS is aware of the order issued today by the Tarrant County Health department mandating distance learning for schools until the end of September. The order specifically cites Private Religious Schools as being exempt from this order. LCCS reaffirms our commitment to start school on time (August 20) and in-person, with a virtual class option for those who are uncomfortable attending live classes at this time.

Please continue to pray for the Lord’s protection and guidance. I believe his name can be glorified in a mighty way through this challenging time.

Blessings and Peace,

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School


Dear Eagle Family:

Looking forward to the 20-21 school year and the different scenarios that may play out this summer, we want to reassure you of a few things:

  1.  Your child’s safety at LCCS is paramount.
  2.  We have every intention to be back on campus for in-person education this coming year!
  3.  While everyone rallied spectacularly around distance learning to finish the 2019-20 school year, we have no intention of repeating that type of system should the unlikely issues of school closures come about again.  Thankfully, we have no indications of that being an option the Governor of Texas is considering.

The documents attached to this email are meant to articulate our intentions for the coming school year and a couple of scenarios we have worked out.  You will notice our strong efforts to make LCCS a safe place by limiting exposure from visitors to campus, between divisions (elem, MS/HS) across campus and at any planned events.  You will also notice a dogged commitment to on-campus learning.

For the safety of your student and our staff and faculty, we are currently working on our facility and the ability to adhere to the potential guidelines that might be in place regarding cleanliness, disinfecting, group activities etc. We are collaborating with other Christian schools in the state and external organization such as the Texas Private Schools Association and the local Health dept. to be prepared and in compliance.  We will walk out the school year with a combination of faith and good common sense.  We will also do our best to meet the needs and concerns of you, our school family, as we navigate the COVID years.

  • We will begin school as originally scheduled On August 20, 2020
  • We will attempt to normalize life for your students as much as we can.
  • Your division Principals will be reaching out to you with more specifics about each plan over the next several weeks.

Please continue to pray for LCCS as the new school year approaches.  We recognize fully that the strength of our school – the strong relational bonds student-to-student and student-to-teacher – are what make the on-campus experience so important.  You have our commitment to protect that and choose it as Option 1 in every situation we possibly can.

Keep the faith,

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School

LCCS Re Opening 2020-21
Navigating The Comeback Custodial
Elementary Educational Plan 2020-21
Middle School Educational Plan 2020-21
High School Educational Plan 2020-21



As promised, we wanted to provide more details as we get closer to Class of 2020 Graduation. There are three events that, due to COVID19 restrictions, are limited to graduates and their immediate family only, but we do have one event that is for our entire Eagle family:

Thursday, June 4:  Parade  (All Eagle Family Invited)  Line the street with your cars on Lake Country Dr to celebrate the Class of 2020

  • 6:30 pm
    • Parade spectators will park on the north side of Lake Country Drive and then the west side after the bend
    • Please remember social distancing when parking for the parade.

Other events that are closed to the public are listed below.

  • Tuesday, June 2, 7pm: Cap and Gown Distribution (Closed Event, but will be livestreamed so you can join in from home) 
  • Tuesday, June 9, 7pm: Senior Blessing (Closed Event)
  • Friday, June 12, 8pm: Graduation in Eagle Stadium (Closed Event, but will be livestreamed so you can join in from home)

Remember to pray for the Class of 2020.  It’s not the victory lap they deserved, but their attitude and heart have been fantastic.

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School


Video Link



Dear Eagle Families:

Governor Abbott has just announced that Public and Private Schools are to remain closed for the remainder of the school year and to continue with distance learning to finish out the curriculum. LCCS will comply. Please be looking for emails from your grade level Principal with details about what this will entail and what it will look like going into May. This means that all sporting and fine arts competitions that have been placed on hold are now officially cancelled. We will update our website and school calendars with this new information.

I once again ask for your patience, as the Texas Education Secretary will give us more information about what this means for graduations, summer programs etc in an address this coming Tuesday. With that information in hand, we can give you details and directions about end of year functions and any potential summer activities and camps. Expect an email update from me on Tuesday or Wednesday with a firm course of action for the remainder of the year and into the summer.

In the meantime, the phasing of opening up Texas is underway and leaves a pathway of hope for things to normalize in the near future. I encourage everyone to walk in faith that the Lord is with you and he will not leave us nor forsake us. Please join Laura and me in praying for our school families – for their jobs and their health and their finances. Pray that the school not panic or turn on each other – that we instead walk through this with the Grace of the Lord and be a blessing to each other during difficult times. You may be limited in movement for the next two weeks, but God is limited by nothing. Let’s unleash our faith!

May the blessings of the Lord overflow your home,

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School


Helpful Links about COVID-19, Coronavirus:

Dear Eagle Families:

Today, March 31st,  Texas Governor Greg Abbott amended his Executive Order and extended the mandatory closure of schools in Texas until May 4th.  This includes public and private schools and LCCS will comply.

  • The campus of LCCS will remain closed to all activities and events until Monday, May 4th.
  • All scheduled events during that time on the school calendar are cancelled.
  • The campus remains closed to all but essential personnel. This includes formal or informal practices or social gathers on campus.
  • At this time, we will keep all events AFTER this date on the calendar until further notice. It is our desire to keep as many of our end-of-the-year events and traditions as possible, so we will withhold cancellation until we have more information.

We will continue to tweak the Distance Learning program as we perfect our systems and procedures. Please remember that our goal is to progress our students toward the next grade level, not to try and duplicate the breadth and assignment frequency of the regular school day.  I ask for your kindness toward our teachers during this unprecedented time of change. They are adjusting literally on the fly and understand the stress and pressure you feel in your jobs and in your role as facilitator in your home. Remember to pray for our teachers as we are praying for you.  At the end of the day, the Lord’s word is very true, especially during times like this: By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”  John 13:35  

Laura and I are praying for you!  We do so every day.  We ask God to sustain your business, to protect you from illness and harm and to bless all that you set your hand to. We pray that even your setbacks will prove to be a blessing in time.  As for our school, of this I am sure: If God didn’t sustain LCCS for the past 40 years, we never would have made it to this day. With him – even in the face of this crisis – we will be better, stronger and more bonded in faith when we come out of it again.

God is our source.  Let’s trust him and win this battle one day at a time.

Blessings and peace,

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School


Eagle Families:

I apologize for an email less than 24 hours after my previous update, but information changes rapidly as we battle the spread of COVID-19.  In cooperation with other area schools after consultation with public health officials, LCCS will extend our voluntary shutdown of campus activities and school through April 17th.   At this moment, that means our first day back on campus is scheduled for Monday, April 20th.

In accordance with the shutdown, the LCCS campus is closed to all Non-Essential personnel.  This includes formal and informal practices, gatherings or socialization.  Likewise, all events scheduled on the school calendar through April 20th will be cancelled or rescheduled.

I will keep you informed with as much advanced notice as possible of any extensions of the shutdown.  Our goals remain the same during this time:  to assist in the safety and health of our students, faculty and families AND to progress the students in preparation for the next grade level.

Stay safe and enjoy your family time together.  We will press forward one day at a time.

Blessings and peace,

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School


Dear Eagle Families:

The City of Fort Worth has extended the Shelter in Place order through Tuesday, April 7th. You can find the full information regarding restrictions and how it impacts you personally at this link Shelter in Place

  • “Shelter In Place” and “Social Distancing” are separate issues, but both impact the ability to conduct school. We will continue to follow State, local and CDC guidelines for navigating the pandemic and deciding on a resumption of school on campus. I’ll do my best to give you as much notice as possible, but the easing of Shelter in Place does not necessarily coincide with a resumption of school on campus. Please check your email for emails with COVID19 Update in the Title. The news changes daily on this and we will do our best to keep you informed.
  • We are adapting on the fly to Distance Learning and attempting to address your needs as we go. I continue to ask for your patience as we press ahead. We understand the extreme pressure this places on parents, especially those with multiple children in the school, and we are attempting to mitigate the problems this situation has caused. We cannot provide the perfect solution for every family dynamic, but we ask for your thoughtful consideration in messages to teachers and on social media as we work together. Our teachers are giving their whole heart and effort during a very trying time for everyone. A key element of Eagle DNA is ENCOURAGEMENT! Please show your Eagle DNA in public and private.
  • While we continue to pray for the Lord to bring a quick end to this for the sake of our school and our Seniors, we simply have to plan for a prolonged disruption. Please help us by responding to the surveys sent out by Dr Williams and Mrs. Deckert. This is the feedback that will help us make the necessary adjustments to our plans to serve you better. Your voice is important.

Through the midst of this mess, I see some beautiful things emerging. I see families hanging out together. I see more people out walking. I see a rallying around our school and a longing for the fellowship we all enjoy in our unique little family. I can’t pretend to see through the eyes of God or know his ultimate plan, but I can say that I believe he is doing his abstract art and making something beautiful emerge from the chaos of the day.

Stay protected and wrapped in his loving arms and know that Laura and I are praying for our school family every day. I’ll keep you as informed as possible without blowing up your inbox.

Blessings and peace,

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School


Dear LCCS Families:

The Leadership Team met today with two goals in mind:  1.  safety/health of our school community   2. progressing our students in the curriculum to prepare them for the next grade level.  This week, March 16-20 is a time for the school to prepare for the launch of online learning. There is no expectation of student work to be completed this week.  Here is the order of business this week for the school as we prepare to launch into distance learning on Monday, March 23rd:

  • Today:  Leadership team meets to map out pathway forward and parameters for online learning
  • Tuesday:  Teacher training and setup, including necessary IT hardware and apps.
  • Wednesday:  Teacher training and setup
  • Thursday:  Student Preparation and setup (communication only.  no students on campus)
  • Friday:  Finalization of the plan including setup and prep (a scheduled time for students to access needed supplies will be forwarded by grade level principals)

We want to answer all questions and have the plan ready to roll on Monday, March 23rd, our first official day of distance learning.  This plan will be the same one implemented should the shutdown of on-campus activities continue on past March 30th.  Please be looking for important followup emails from your grade level Principals that will detail all activities and needs.

The CDC has requested that gatherings be limited to less than 50 people for the next 8 weeks.  This would be a Mid-May time frame.  While it does specifically exclude school’s day-to-day operations, it does not include extracurricular events and plans.  For this reason, LCCS is cancelling all events through April 10th including field trips, athletic and fine arts activities and other social gatherings that are not a part of the regular school day.  We will wait to hear from government officials on events after that date before making any further decisions.  If you have already paid the school for one of these events, a refund will be forthcoming through FACTS.

Please remember that the campus remains closed to all outside activity during these next two weeks.  That includes formal and informal gatherings or use of any portion of the facilities.  We also highly discourage informal gatherings off campus to practice or continue in any school-related activity. The goal is to limit exposure to other people and we must do our part in this battle.

As we move forward, it is important to remember that Government officials have the authority to dictate school activities, including closures.  We take our lead from the CDC and the Tarrant County Health Department, but also from the Mayor and County Judge, both of whom have authority in times of crisis to close schools.  We will do our best to keep you apprised of circumstances that could affect the plan we have put forward or prolong the plan for a time longer than originally anticipated.   Obviously it’s a very fluid situation and we must be ready to comply with requests made of us for the public good.

My prayer is that the families of LCCS be like the Children of Israel – that plague and pestilence, disease and hardship die at our doorstep and never hit us.  Even so, let’s all do our part as good citizens to help others in this battle against COVID-19.

Blessings and safety,

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School


Dear LCCS Families:

In response to the increasing threat of COVID-19, the Tarrant County Public Health Department has requested that schools stay closed for two additional weeks.  Many public and private schools have announced compliance with this request and LCCS will follow that guidance in doing our part to help curb the spike of this growing health threat. As of today, we anticipate re-opening to students on Monday, March 30.  The campus is closed to all non-essential personnel and visitors, including sports teams and voluntary workouts/sessions that take place on campus.  Since the virus can live on surfaces for unusually long periods of time, keeping the facility free of traffic is an essential step in doing our part in the battle.

This email will in no way answer all of your questions and I ask for your patience and support as we navigate the uncharted waters these extraordinary days are bringing us.

  • My leadership team will be gathering on Monday, March 16 to implement plans toward distance-learning beginning as soon as possible, but hopefully no later than Monday, March 23rd. Those plans will vary greatly by division.  We hope to articulate that plan to you in greater detail on Monday, March 16.
  • This is NOT extended vacation time.  It is an official cancellation of on-campus activities, including classroom instruction.  We need full parental support and cooperation to keep education advancing through these extraordinary times. As we divulge the distance learning plan, we need your full cooperation in keeping the school and your student progressing toward the end of the year.
  • The Health Department has emphasized that students need to stay home. The practice of social distancing is imperative to curbing the spiking cases of COVID-19.  Please do your best to avoid large social gatherings over the course of the next 14 days.

Again, our trust is completely in the Lord, but we also want to be good citizens and comply with those who are doing their best to look out for the public health. We will communicate with you as often as possible throughout these challenging days.

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School



The administrative team at LCCS has been monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) closely and working behind the scenes to be prepared as we can for an uncertain future.  This situation is rapidly changing by the day and we hope to be prepared with multiple contingencies as events unfold. This letter is to officially inform you that LCCS will be extending spring break an additional week to allow more information about corralling the spread of the virus and our vital role in its containment.   More information will be forthcoming as plans are implemented.  

Tarrant County Health Department currently shows one positive case of Coronavirus.  While the Houston area is apparently the hub of the outbreak in our state, we must face the reality that this dynamic virus has an unknown extension throughout our country and the world.  Though it appears that children are somewhat immune from the total effects of the virus, students with compromised immune systems or other health challenges are still at risk as well as adults and especially the elderly.

Spring Break saw many of our families traveling across the country and the world.  This could present an unknown risk of greater exposure, as other countries and areas of the U.S. are experiencing multiple sudden outbreaks.   Any person who has visited a country listed at level 2 or higher are asked to limit outside interactions for at least 14 days.  If you are currently traveling and affected by quarantine or travel restrictions, please contact the grade-level principal.

The following are some things to bear in mind at the time school reconvenes:

1. Remember that the majority of Upper Respiratory Illnesses are currently NOT Covid19.
2. Regardless of travel history, children with cough, fever, shortness of breath need to stay home and contact your pediatrician’s office for further instruction and medical evaluation. If a sibling is sick that is not an LCCS student, please notify the school.   PLEASE, do not medicate and send your child to school if they have a fever (100 degrees or higher).
3. The virus can spread by droplets in the air (estimated 5-6 feet). Please continue to educate proper cough etiquette, which included covering your cough with a disposable tissue or the sleeve of your arm.
4. The virus can also be spread by touching surfaces with those droplets on them and then touching your face, eyes, and nose.
5. Frequent hand washing will be encouraged at school, WASH your hands! · Do NOT touch your face (eyes, nose, and mouth), chew on a pen, or share drinks/food/utensils.

Here are some helpful links for your questions about Covid-19, Coronavirus.

Our website at will keep you up to speed on the latest developments regarding this ever-changing situation.

Finally, remember that our ultimate hope and security is in the Lord.  Just like he had pestilence and disease die at the door of the Children of Israel, we pray he will do the same for the LCCS family who is joined together in his name.

Mark Earwood, M.Ed., School Administration | Head of School
Lake Country Christian School