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Congratulations to these LCCS choir students on making the TPSMEA All-Region, All-State, and Treble Choir! Watch for more information from Mr. Montgomery and this talented group as they prepare for their upcoming events. The All-Region and Treble Choir clinic and concert is scheduled for January 15-16 in Abilene. More info to come after the TPSMEA Board meets regarding the impact COVID-19 will have on this event. The All-State Choir is scheduled for January 28-30 at the Eisemann Center in Richardson. Way to go, Eagles!

Alex Barker
Harry Brittan
Megan Jones
Eli Purtell
Will Purtell
Matilda Ricks

Soprano 1 – Megan Jones (4th chair)
Alto 2 – Brielle Kotara, Matilda Ricks (4th chair)
Tenor 1 – Halle Jones, Dayne Love
Tenor 2 – Alex Barker, Grady Frazier, Samuel Pace, Will Purtell (tied for 2nd chair), Tyler Vance
Bass 1 – Pierce Garcia, Joseph Pace, Eli Purtell (3rd chair)
Bass 2 – Harry Brittan (1st chair)

TREBLE CHOIR (ladies-only choir at the All-Region Clinic):
Olivia Elofsson
Emily Fraser
Rebekah Gary
Natalie Williams