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Congratulations to Mr. Peck and LCCS art students on winning State Runner Up at the TAPPS 4A Art Championship! We are excited for the program and for our students who competed and placed at the event!
1st place – Short Film (animation) – “What Would You Do With 100 G’s?” TJ Mynyk, Dylan Robinson, and Kate Neill
2nd place – Short Film (animation) – “The Bottle Bully” Jackson Nelson, Lexie Biggers, and Dylan Dobbs
2nd place – Short Film (documentary) – “The Fall” David Svoboda and Grace Arzamendi
3rd Place – Short Film (animation) – “Fancy Fashion” Lauren Basinger, Tatum Helmer, and Allison Webster
3rd Place – Short Film (documentary) – “You Should Choose Lake Country Christian School” Lindsey Kane and Emma Walker
3rd Place – Drawing Color – “Abel” Avery Compton
4th Place – Short Film (documentary) – “JV: The Tragedy Of Bennett Ratledge” – Christopher Martinez, Bennett Ratledge, May Fraser, Emma Russo and Britney Banks
4th Place – Applied/Industrial – “Desk” Miles Clements
4th Place – Communication Design – “Rock & Roll” Brie Diggs
4th Place – Photo Color – “Reach” Ava Hulse
5th Place – Applied/Industrial – “Robot Chair” Brad Belton, Ty Wheeler, Tristan Norton
6th Place – Relief Sculpture – “Salty Sunrise” Ryder Ratliff
7th Place – Relief Sculpture – “Cool Breeze” Allison Webster
8th Place – Relief Sculpture – “Rain Grows Flowers” Darby Schroeder
8th Place – Applied/Industrial – “Robot Shelf” Brad Belton, Ty Wheeler, Tristan Norton
8th Place – Communication Design – “Gypsy” Mya Cluff