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Lake Country Christian School art students in grades 7-12 selected their favorite portfolio piece from the 2022-2023 school year to showcase in the LCCS art display. Judges selected 24 pieces to represent LCCS in the ACSI Secondary Art Festival. They will compete with other schools from Texas, Kansas, Illinois, and Rhode Island.

7th Grade
Aiden Kurth – Acrylic Painting
Ellie Hawk – Acrylic Painting
Julienne Guzman – Acrylic Painting
Jordan Green – Acrylic Painting

8th Grade
Zoe Gillispie – Acrylic Painting
Miley Shipman – Acrylic Painting
Miley Shipman – Pencil Drawing
Grace Jordan – Acrylic Painting
Chloe Guerrero – Pencil Drawing
Avery Cawley – Acrylic Painting
Avery Cawley – Pencil Drawing

9th Grade
Lauren Roberts – Acrylic Painting
Savannah Buchanan – Acrylic Painting
Shaynah Lobato – Acrylic Painting
Patti Avanzini – Pencil Drawing
Patti Avanzini – Acrylic Painting

10th Grade
Addison Salazar – Pencil Drawing
Gabi Mesquita – Acrylic Painting
Gabi Mesquita – Colored Pencil Drawing

11th Grade
Erin Plaisance – Pencil Drawing
Will Coker – Digital Drawing

12th Grade
Nathaniel Lasnetske – Digital Short Film
Walker Matthews – Watercolor Pencil Drawing
David Svoboda – Watercolor Pencil Drawing

Congratulations to all our artists! #lccseagles #eaglefamily #eaglesinthearts