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Payment Plans via FACTS 2020-2021

FACTS is the online tuition management solution utilized by LCCS. Tuition will be paid by one of four options, and the payment plan is selected at time of enrollment:

1. Twelve-month payment plan via Electronic Funds Transfers withdraw money from the payee’s checking account/credit card on the 5th or 20th of each of twelve months beginning July 5th or July 20th, based upon your selection at enrollment, and ending in June. Senior students are not eligible for 12-month option. All Senior accounts must be paid in full and clear by April 30th, 2021.

2. Ten-month payment plan via FACTS. The first FACTS payment is on July 5 th or 20th based on your selection at enrollment and last payment is in April.

3. Two Equal Payments on the first business day in July and January via FACTS. If nrolling after the first business day in July, the first payment is due immediately and second payment is due the first business day in January. Five percent (5%) late fee applies.

4. A Full Payment due the first business day in July via FACTS. Two percent (2%) full pay discount is available. Five percent (5%) late fee applies.

5. International Student Tuition is required to be paid in full upon enrollment.

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