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Gala 2022
What we said: At the gala, Dr. Jordan unveiled this image along with the news that the school had an additional 70 acres under contract. The purchase would secure our school’s future in the area, with the ability to expand our campus across the street from the Byers Center.

What we did: We closed on the purchase of 70 acres across Lake Country Drive in July 2022! You’ll see our existing campus outlined in blue and the new land acquisition in red. As our student body continues to grow, this purchase will offer for campus expansion.

North Texas Giving Day 2022
What we said: We set a $150,000 goal with two projects in mind: courtyard improvements between our academic buildings and breaking ground on the first phase of an Eagle Spirit Facility. We were thrilled when a foundation pledged to complete the other phases of the spirit facility at the same time, if we met our goal.

What we did: We purchased our charter bus and an additional two regular buses, all of which are kept in use with our very busy activity schedule! A foundation committed to donating the remaining funds to complete the spirit facility named the Tiger Gage Rohus Eagle Spirit Facility, known as the TGR, in memory of Tiger Rohus, LCCS Class of 2011! We broke ground in the spring of 2023. Early efforts, unfortunately, resulted in construction delays. We changed vendors and restarted the project. We are currently anxiously awaiting permitting through the city so we can move forward with construction.

End-of-Year Giving 2022
What we said: We told you all End-of-Year gifts were earmarked for missions.

What we did: Funded 46 students on a mission trip to El Salvador to serve with King’s Castle Ministries, which trains for future missions into Central and South America. We also funded a mission team outreach retreat for middle school students and a monetary donation to King’s Castle Ministries.

Gala 2023
What we said: Courtyard improvements for the current playground space between the academic buildings were desperately needed.

What we did: $361,000 was raised through Gala 2023! The funds allowed major improvements to the courtyard area. The multiple recreation spaces and amazing playground renovations were completed before the 2023-’24 school year! Among the changes were expanded shaded areas, a turf surface on the playground, designated areas marked for soccer and four-square, new structures for GaGa ball and nine-square, and decking in the alley! This project benefits Eagles of all ages. In addition, the Paddle Raise designated for faculty and staff bonuses was met with generosity by Gala-goers and our employees were thrilled to receive the gift.

North Texas Giving Day 2023
What we said: We shared various needs across our fine arts and athletics departments that would enhance the quality of the programs.

What we did: We were able to meet many of the departmental needs, the biggest items included re-designing our girls’ locker rooms and adding new lighting in the Black Box theater! Basketball and softball athletes have already enjoyed the updates in the locker rooms, and the new fine arts lighting was used in our recent sixth-grade musical production.

End-of-Year Giving 2023
What we said: We continued to raise general funds that would allow us to operate with excellence and meet campus improvement needs beyond regular operating expenses. 

What we did: We added three long-needed restrooms for visitors and staff near our front office area. All of the work was completed over the break, and our teachers and guests were thrilled to return with the convenience of having multiple restrooms available!

Gala 2024

What we did: