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By: Nilam J Soni, MD

  • Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Hospital Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Nilam J Soni, MD; Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Hospital Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, USA


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The relationship between description and interpretation is intricate but, ideally, interpretations emerge from descriptive particulars. In the following section, I current key variables for important visual analysis: description, subject matter, kind, medium, fashion, style and comparison. Critical visual analysis 305 Description the rst step in important visual analysis is to describe the picture, mentioning features con tained within it, corresponding to formal properties of composition, colour, tone and contrast. This degree of research shall be most uniform among observers, various by way of visual know ledge, language and jargon. A basic descriptive approach includes inserting the picture within a style, or kind, largely dependent upon subject and medium. In this example, this includes a brief case examine of the company�s market ing communication technique. Calvin Klein�s advertising campaigns have sparked controversy and remark for over 20 years. Sensationalized intercourse attraction normally infuses Klein�s ads, creating his company�s fame and ensuing model equity and generating media consideration via what I name �the strategic use of scandal� (Schroeder, 2000). The jasmine, papaya and pineapple scented fragrance was a success and its ads turned well known among youngsters and �twenty-somethings�. Examples from the campaign had been displayed in the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York as a part of the art exhibition �The Warhol Look� (Francis and King, 1997). We are requested to switch meaning from the identification of the people in the advert � their picture, life-style and physical look � and the advert�s visual fashion, onto the product. Subject matter A useful start line for descriptive analysis is to determine and describe persons, objects, places or occasions in a photograph (Barrett, 2005). There are many versions of the 306 307 308 Handbook of qualitative research strategies in advertising basic advert; all encompass a stark black and white picture of a number of people standing, most going through the camera. She �hails� us, the viewer, via her fame, her roles in different Calvin Klein ads, and her picture as a white, heterosexual woman informed by her well-publicized romantic liaisons with male stars. She gives viewers a hook into the advert, offering a visual anchor, and guiding its inter pretation (Berger, 1972). Moss�s status overwhelms the other gures in the advert, making them supporting players in the icon-driven world of superstar, glamour and global model administration. As a bunch, they appear dierent, multicultural and never often seen (at the time) in main advert campaigns. Closed, the advert pages are covered by a picture of Kate Moss and another white women going through each other, turned prole to the camera, gazing into each other�s eyes. In the rst picture, Moss, arms in her again pocket, head thrown again, wearing a black bra and black cuto shorts, is grasped at the belt loops by the other women�s ngers. This opens out to reveal the 4 pages of images depicting a small group of people in opposition to a white background. Upon unfolding this picture, Moss now not interacts with the other woman, who seems to have disappeared. The fashions appear to be posed together, not likely displaying characteristics of friends or a familiar group. One black woman, specifically, has an angry expression on her face, and a bunch of two white males and a white woman appear to be engaged in a heated argument. Long-haired males appear next to a short-haired woman with massive tattoos on her arm. An extra formal factor is the �centerfold� format of the advert; it swings open to reveal 4 images unfold out over 4 magazine pages. This kind resembles a polyptych, awork of art composed of four or more panels, often hinged together (West, 1996). Altarpieces are incessantly polyptychs, and commonly open up to reveal hidden images of their sacred topics. Renaissance altarpieces traditionally confirmed 4 saints, one for every panel of the polyptych. These panels open up to reveal a picture of Christ, or the Madonna enthroned, and the actual saint related to the church or parish. Medium refers to the material type of object or picture: canvas, wood, paper, bronze and so forth.


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The most commonly used sul fonylurea derivatives merely stimulate those cells within the pancreas that still have the power to perform. Among these medicines are the second-technology sulfonylureas glibenclamide (glyburide), glibor nuride, gliclazide, glimepiride, glipizide, gliquidone, and glisoxepide. First-technology sulfonylureas are acetohexamide, chlorpropamide, tolazamide, and tolbutamide. In distinction, the biguanide derivatives, metformin and phenformin, lower glucose synthesis within the liver, delay glucose resorption from the intestine, and increase glucose utilization within the muscular system. Acarbose and miglitol, as glucosidase inhibitors, inhibit carbohy drate absorption within the intestine � a controversial therapy for dia betes. Nateglinide and repaglinide regulate postprandial blood sugar by a brief increase in insulin secretion from the cells. Sitagliptin and vildagliptin mimic incretin hormones, which naturally work within the intestine and increase insulin manufacturing, depending on meal provide. Insulin, met formin, and sulfonylureas are the one antidiabetic substances where proof-based mostly knowledge have shown optimistic effects on the late diabetic complications, corresponding to neuropathy, nephropathy, and so on. In older studies, an increased risk for congenital malformations was described (Piacquadio 1991), which at first was taken as a suggestion that oral antidiabetics might need a teratogenic risk (Towner 1995). Recently printed outcomes of perfusion studies examine why the transplacental switch of glyburide is low, and what might influence it (Kraemer 2006, Nanovskaya 2006). Glyburide was not detected in umbilical cord blood samples, and there was no vital difference regarding the num ber of hypoglycemic newborn infants or delivery weight (Jacobson 2005, Langer 2005, Kremer 2004). Jacobson (2005) reported an increased need for neonatal phototherapy and the next rate of pre-eclampsia on glyburide. This latter discovering is of specific concern in mild of latest findings by Crowther (2005) that pre-eclampsia is extra preva lent among sufferers with untreated gestational diabetes. It is doubtful whether or not the optimistic outcomes are yet sufficient to query the present advice, regarding therapy of gestational diabetes, in favor of insulin (Rand 2006, Greene 2000). In overweight sufferers, diabetic therapy with metformin, which raises insulin sensitivity and decreases the insulin requirement, is extra logical than therapy with glyburide. No teratogenic risk was reported in a examine on 179 retrospec tively ascertained pregnancies (Thatcher 2006) and in a case sequence of 50 pregnancies (Turner 2006). A meta-analysis of eight studies (five 2 with retrospective and three with prospective knowledge assortment) pub lished till 2004, and together with 172 pregnancies, arrived at the similar result (Gilbert 2006). There was a slight but statistically vital decrease imply delivery weight within the former (Kovo 2006). There are only a few case stories concerning the use of rosiglita zone and acarbose in pregnancy (Kalyoncu 2005, Yaris 2004). A detailed ultrasound examination ination to verify regular morphologic development of the fetus is recom mended. Whether the sulfonylureas glyburide (glibenclamide) or metformin are alternate options for insulin in gestational diabetes after the first trimester should be evaluated with reserve. Physiologically in addition to pharmacologically, estrogens act as a stimulus to uterine and fallopian tube development and, most particu larly, to the expansion of the endometrium. In addition, estrogens pro duce thickening of the vaginal epithelium, an increase in cervical mucus manufacturing, and widening of the cervical canal. The earlier (generally routine) use of estrogens to enhance contractions has been outdated by more practical pharmaceuticals. Therapeutically, estrogens are utilized in oral contraceptives, as alternative therapy in the course of the menopause, and for treatment of some malignancies. Among the obtainable substances are estradiol and its derivatives, ethinylestradiol (the estrogen in many of the estrogen-containing contraception tablets), mestranol, estrone, conju gated equine estrogens, polyestradiol, estriol, fosfestrole, chlorotri anisen, and epimestrol. The comparatively low-dosage preparations for hormonal contracep tion (preparations of mixed estrogen and gestagen), together with emergency contraception (the �morning-after pill�), have been quite nicely-studied because of their frequent unintentional use throughout preg nancy. Several studies have analyzed the connection between oral contra ceptives and Down syndrome, a few of them with unfavorable outcomes (Kallen 1989, Harlap 1985B, Ericson 1983), but others have sug gested that girls who take oral contraceptives in the course of the month simply earlier than conception (Mikkelsen 1991) or who fall pregnant observe ing oral contraceptive failure (Harlap 1980) have an increased risk for Down syndrome. The effects on later fertility have been hypothesized but not con firmed by controlled studies.

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Helical scanning is sigsequences are usually obtained: (1) sagittal, axial, and nificantly sooner than traditional slice-by-slice acquisition, coronal T1-weighted pictures; (2) axial fast spin-echo thereby diminishing artifacts related to motion (eg, breathT2-weighted pictures with fats saturation; and (three) axial ing, swallowing, and gross patient motion). The speedy knowledge and coronal postgadolinium T1-weighted pictures with acquisition also allows for more and thinner slices to be fats saturation. If a patient is severely claustrophobic, sedation could also be necessary to accomplish the scan on a excessive-area system. Note the excessive signal depth of subcutaneous fats and the marrow of the central skull base. Infiltrative neoplasm replaces regular fats in the proper pterygopalatine fossa, the vidian canal, and parts of the sphenoid body (black arrowheads). The great amount of fats within the head and neck supplies intrinsic tissue distinction, which makes the T1-weighted image very sensitive to infiltrative processes that obliterate tissue planes or that replace marrow fats ure three�1). Some hemorrhagic or proteinaceous lesions trigger shortening of T1 relaxation time and appear shiny on a T1-weighted image. On a T2-weighted image, fluid is very shiny and most pathologies are comparatively shiny, whereas regular muscle is sort of dark. The fast spin-echo technique is very useful in limiting artifacts related to motion and magnetic susceptibility compared with typical spin-echo T2weighted imaging. Because fats stays shiny on a quick spin-echo image, nonetheless, fats saturation ought to ideally be utilized. In this patient with squamous cell carcinoma, patient with head and neck most cancers, postgadolinium imagthe intermediate signal depth tumor (mass) stands in ing can also be very useful in assessing cavernous sinus invacontrast to the very excessive signal depth of edematous sion, meningeal infiltration, and perineural spread of mucosa and retained secretions (M) within the left maxillary tumor ure three�three). Note the vitreous humor is dark as in a T1-weighted image, however subcutaneous and orbital fats are also dark as a result of fats suppression. The excessive signal depth of the nasal mucosa, in addition to the enhancement of vessels and extraocular muscle tissue, signifies that gadolinium has been given. In this patient with a historical past of squamous cell carcinoma of the gingivobuccal sulcus and new chin numbness, the irregular enlargement and enhancement of V3 within the inferior alveolar canal is seen (white arrow), in keeping with perineural spread of tumor. The remedy, and (three) the search for synchronous or metachrophotopenic mandible (Ma) is indicated for orientation. The pharyngobasilar fascia represents the aponeurosis of the superior constrictor muscle and attaches it to the skull base. The infrahyoid neck has traditionally been latter group, lymphoma have to be thought-about within the differclinically defined by a series of surgical triangles, however can ential prognosis. Key Imaging Points �Thelateralpharyngealrecessesm aybeasym m etric owing to mucosal coaptation somewhat than a real mass lesion. This �pseudomass� could be recognized when the clinician or radiologist identifies the �kissing� mucosal surfaces somewhat than a real mass lesion ure three�9). Axial T2-weighted image in a younger child demonstrates outstanding symmetrical hypertrophy of the adenoids (A) and outstanding retropharyngeal lymph nodes (N). This diploma of adenoidal enlargement is widespread in younger kids and adolescents. This patient offered with a neck mass (not shown) that exposed poorly differentiated carcinoma on nice needle aspiration. The regular look of foramen ovale is demonstrated on the E left (white arrow). Postgadolinium, the cavernous sinuses and cranial nerves (notably V2 and V3) ought to be assessed for tumor involvement. The nasopharynx ought to be fastidiously scrutinized in a patient presenting with noninfectious cervical lymphadenopathy, notably when she or he is of southern Chinese descent. Axial T1-weighted image demonstrates a the oropharynx ure three�13) is bounded anteriorly by regular proper fossa of Rosenmuller (white arrow). The left the circumvallate papilla of the tongue, the taste bud, fossa is poorly seen, however no mass lesion is current, and and the anterior tonsillar pillars, posteriorly by the the poor visualization is due to coaptation of mucosal superior and middle constrictor muscle tissue, and superiorly surfaces and a scarcity of air within the fossa to present distinction. Mastoid air cells are indicated by �Ma� and the center ear cavities by the white arrows. The proper fossa of Rosenmuller (arrow), torus tubarius (T), and eustachian tube orifice (arrowhead) are shown for comparison. The pons is displaced posteriorly by a big extradural part of the mass, and the pituitary gland (P) is elevated. The patient complained of decreased vision within the left eye, which is in keeping with radiation-induced optic neuritis. Imaging of lymph In addition to squamous mucosa, contents of the oronodes is discussed in more element in a later part.

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People with coats on, holding their hats respectfully, have been asking the emergent cheater-goers, "Does monsieur require a carriage Robespierre is alternately indiferent, aloof, rigid, puritanical, coldly fanatical, or preposterous, comical, a Malvolio with out even ardour to excuse him, awkward, mocked behind his back, and so forth. Lenin, "Leo To lstoy as the Mirror of the Russian Revolution, " in Colected Wrks, Vol. We have indeed from the outset chosen to couple the 2 unique characteristics ofthe historical novel: the presence of"world-historical, " which is to say "real" historical, individuals, and the concomitant presence, however shadowy, of the collectivity itself-nation, individuals or multitude� whose "history" is right here in question. Norhing outdoors himself had any signifcance fo r him, because every little thing in the world, ir seemed to him, depended enrirely on his will. But to be able to determine what this "one thing else" is, we must abandon Kutuzov for the second and switch to the Second Epilogue. For Rousseau, in other phrases, the issue of the 24 Page references ro Wr and Peace rhroughout are to the translation by Louise and Aylmer Maude, New York: Simon and Schuster, 1942, right here 685. The eradication ofthis illusion will ofcourse directly dispose ofthe "world-historical particular person, " whose will no longer has any authority over the course ofthe world; however it additionally tends to dissolve the individ� ual character as weil, whose choices (Lukics thought theywere finest acted out in drama) come to appear less credible and more and more symptomal, within the spirit of modernism or of Freudian psychoanaly� sis. Meanwhile, in historiography, the waning ofthe grand historical figures offers rise to the anonymity of cultural collectives of the sort promoted by the Annales college, and historical events themselves start to wane and to disappear. Under such circumstances it might appear difcult to project a historical novel at ali, except within the fo rm of sheer anthropological description. But Tolstoy still holds to his Event, and stubbornly confronts it along with his insistence on causes and causality. Pree will is fo r history solely an expression fo r the unknown the rest ofwhat we know about the laws ofhuman life" (1348). Instead, Kutuzov retreats, abandons the town, and lets it burn, leaving the French nothing however an empty shell for all their victory. But does this seemingly suicidai technique confirm the greatness ofKutuzov as a world-historical particular person The conclusion, then-drawn by the General Will-is to destroy it within the second of abandoning it. Tolstoy calls the "trigger" of an event such as 1812 "a fo rce commensurate with the movement observed" (1321): unsurprisingly, this fo rce will be right here recognized as the individuals ("energy is the collective will ofthe individuals transferred, by expressed or tacit consent, to their chosen rulers" [1313]). This is in fact a place which leaves a good deal of play as fa r as the characters are concerned. No one had given Tushin orders the place and at what to lre, however after consulting his sergeant major, Zakharchenko, for whom he had nice respect, he had determined that it might be a good factor to set lre to the village. Below the peak on which the Kiev regiment was stationed, within the hole the place the rivulet fowed, the soul-stirring rolling and crackling of musketry was heard, and much farther to the best beyond the dragoons, the ofcer of the suite pointed out to Bagration a French column that was ourfanking us. Prince Bagration ordered two battalions from the center to be sent to reinforce the best fank. The ofcer ofthe suite ventured to remark to the prince that if these battalions went away, the guns would remain with out support. Prince Bagration turned to the ofcer and along with his uninteresting eyes looked at him in silence. But at thar second an adjurant galloped up with a message from the commander of the regiment within the hole and information thar immense lots of the French have been coming daybreak upon them and thar his regiment was in dysfunction and was retreating upon the Kiev grenadiers. He rode of at a stroll to the best and sent an adjurant to the dragoons with orders to attack the French. But this adjutant returned half an hour later with the information thar the commander of the dragoons had already retreated beyond the dip within the floor, as a heavy fre had been opened on him and he was shedding men uselessly, and so had hastened to throw sore sharpshooters into the wood. AboutTushin and the battalion thar had been in support of his battery ali was fo rgotten. Ofcers who approached him with disturbed countenances grew to become calm; soldiers and ofcers greeted him gaily, grew extra cheerful in his presence, and have been evidently anxious to show their braveness earlier than him. The answer is, paradoxically, that a story chance still subsists, and retains ideological as weil as literary energy.

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Perfusion studies of glyburide switch throughout the human placenta: Implications for fetal security. Perioperative anesthetic management for Cesarean section of a parturient with gestational diabetes insipidus. Long-time period comply with-up of kids born after inad vertent administration of a gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonist in early being pregnant. Insulin and glyburide therapy: dosage, sever ity level of gestational diabetes, and being pregnant outcome. Oral contraceptive use after conception in rela tion to the risk of congenital urinary tract anomalies. Limb�body wall complex with complete absence of external genitalia after in vitro fertilization. Successful treatment of a large macroprolactinoma with cabergoline during being pregnant. Maternal diabetes: An impartial threat issue for main malformations with elevated mortality of affected infants. Progression of retinopathy during preg nancy in kind 1 diabetic women handled with insulin lispro. Health of 227 children born after managed ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization utilizing the luteinizing hormone-releasing antagonist cetrorelix. Progesterone for the prevention of preterm delivery amongst women at elevated threat: a scientific review and meta-analysis of randomized managed trials. Pregnancy outcome in kind 1 diabetes mel litus handled with insulin lispro (Humalog). Maternal metabolic control and perinatal out are available women with gestational diabetes handled with regular or lispro insulin: comparison with non-diabetic pregnant women. Antithyroid drug treatment of Graves� illness in being pregnant: long run results on somatic progress, mental development and thyroid function of the offspring. Effects of propylthiouracil and methimazole on fetal thyroid status in moms with Graves� hyperthyroidism. Prenatal publicity to virilizing progestins: an adult comply with-up research of twelve women. Prolactinomas immune to bromocriptine: lengthy-time period efficacy of quinagolide and outcome of being pregnant. Prospective parallel randomized, double-blind, double-dummy managed scientific trial evaluating clomiphene citrate and metformin as the primary-line treatment for ovulation induction in nonobese anovulatory women with polycystic ovary syndrome. The lengthy-time period progress and development of chil dren uncovered to Depo-Provera during being pregnant and lactation. Birth defects after maternal publicity to corticosteroids: Prospective cohort research and meta-analysis of epidemiological studies. Treatment with desmopressin earlier than epidural anesthesia in a patient with kind I von Willebrand illness. Maternal thyroid hormone ranges in preg nancy and the next cognitive and motor efficiency of the children. Maternal hypothyroxinaemia during early being pregnant and subsequent baby development: a three-12 months comply with-up research. Effects of thyrotropin-releasing hormone on human myometrium and umbilical vasculature in vitro. Comparison of glyburide and insulin for the management of gestational dia betes in a big managed care group. A placebo-managed comparison between betamethasone and dexamethasone for fetal maturation: differences in neurobehav ioral development of mice offpring. Fertility remedies and craniosynostosis: California, Georgia, and Iowa, 1993�1997. Exposicion prenatal a glucocorticoides para maduracion pulmonar fetal y su repercusion sobre el peso, talla y perimetro cefalico del recien nacido.

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Proposal for manufacturers communication technique developed on customer segmentation based mostly on psychological elements and decision-making velocity in purchasing: case of the automotive industry. Green advertising as a tool of attaining aggressive benefit in automotive transport. Application of Cluster Analysis in Marketing Communications in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: An Empirical Study in the Slovak Republic. Generation Y A mirror of social media and brands as a mirrored image in psychographic segmentation. Proceedings of the international scientific convention Marketing Identity 2018 � Digital Mirrors, part 1 pp. The Impact of Psychographic Segmentation on Increasing Hotel Traffic in the Slovak Republic with Using Online Marketing Communication. Proceedings of the thirty third International Business Information Management Association Conference, pp. Shades of green: A psychographic segmentation of the green client in Kuwait utilizing self-organizing maps. The new rules od Green advertising: Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding. Determining the characteristic to profile the green client: an exploratory strategy. Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics in Controversial Sectors: Analysis of Research Results. Niche level segmentation of green customers: A key for psychographic or demographic predicament. Learners of a second international language make interference errors, a few of which come from the primary international language by analogy, habit or automatism. In the method of learning international languages, every learner is positively or negatively influenced by one other language. This is especially as a result of the similarities and differences that exist between languages. And vice versa, if the scholars use wrong types of lexical, morpho-syntactic or phonetic order, that is about "adverse transfers or interferences". This phenomenon generally influences perception, learning new words and therefore oral and written communication when college students study French as a second international language in the University. The instructor at school ought to tell the scholars that error, being a pure phenomenon of the educational course of, is inevitable but correctable. The instructor additionally should anticipate, describe and clarify the errors and difficulties as a result of the affect of the native language or the primary international language. The instructor should take into account the similarities and differences between three languages. In the method of learning international languages in the university English is the primary international language, French is the second international language and Russian is the native language, and likewise exploit the phenomena of switch of from one language to the opposite, taking care to decrease interference. The authors of the article examine the interference errors made by learners of French as a international language by analyzing their oral productions to forestall, anticipate and reduce the most frequent errors. Keywords: error, french language, interference, adverse transfers, optimistic transfers 1. The practice of instructing international languages reveals that when instructing a second international language (French), college students switch their data from their native language (Russian) and from the primary international language (English). In this case, the switch of information can each velocity up the method of learning international and trigger interference. In linguistics, the phenomenon of interference occurs when three languages come into contact: the native language, the primary international language and the second international language. Under the affect of some language ranges, the norms of one other language construction are violated. The reason for the cause of interference is the truth that an individual builds his speech in accordance with the norms of his native language or the primary international language and establishes uncommon connections and relations between the separate linguistic details of the second international language. In fashionable English, about 75% of all words that speakers perceive and use are French and Latin in origin. In addition, the lively vocabulary of Russian, English and French totals about 10% of international vocabulary. Based on the foregoing, it may be argued that the power to establish and analyze the lexical coincidences of the Russian, English and French languages, in addition to the creation of favorable situations for the work of reminiscence whereas mastering vocabulary, facilitates the method of mastering these languages.

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His status as a composer generated a varity of opinions before his music gained steady recognition the world over. The 1954 version of Grove�s �Dictionary of Music and Musicians� dismissed his music as �monotonous in texture consist[ing] primarily of synthetic and gushing tunes� and predicted that his popular success �was not more likely to last�. Rachmaninoff�s compositions embrace four piano concertos, the Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini for piano and orchestra, three symphonies, two piano sonatas, three operas, a choral symphony (�The Bells�), the �Vespers�, many songs including his �Vocalise�, and his Symphonic Dances. Compositions for piano included two sonatas, two sets of preludes, the separate prelude in C sharp minor, six Moments Musicaux and seventeen Etudes-Tableaux. Most of his compositions observe a melancholy, late romantic type akin to Tchaikovsky with strong influences from Chopin and Liszt. Other inspiration included the music of Balakirev, Mussorgsky, Medtner and Henselt. Although not a prolific composer, his piano, chamber and orchestral music have become staples of the live performance repertoire. Ravel�s piano compositions such as �Jeux d�eau�, �Miroirs� and �Gaspard de la Nuit� and his orchestral music, including �Daphnis et Chloe and his arrangement of Mussorgsky�s �Pictures at an Exhibition�, use tone color, number of sound and instrumentation very effectively. His popular piano works embrace �La Valse�, �Valse Nobles et Sentimentales, �Sonatine�, �Alborado del Gracioso� and �Pavane pour une enfante defunte�. His Piano Concerto for the left hand in D major (1929-1930) and Piano Concerto in G major (1929 1931) are also popular. In that yr Ravel toured the United States and Canada by train and gave piano recitals in the nice live performance halls of twenty-five cities. There is a narrative that when American composer George Gershwin met Ravel he talked about that he would have liked to examine with Ravel. This tale could also be aprocryphal, however, as Gershwin told a similar story a couple of dialog with Arnold Schoenberg. In any event, this was presumably before Ravel wrote �Bolero� which was very financially remunerative, even though Ravel himself thought-about it trivial and once even described it as �a piece for orchestra with out music�. He relied on traditional types and structures as methods of presenting his innovative harmonies. He typically masked the sections of his structure with transitions that disguised the beginnings of the motif. This is apparent in his �Valse Nobles et Sentimentales, impressed by Schubert, the place the seven movements start and finish with out pause. In maintaining with the French school pioneered by Chabrier, Satie and Debussy, Ravel�s melodies are almost solely modal. Instead of utilizing major or minor for his predominant harmonic language, he most well-liked modes with major or minor flavours, for instance, the Mixolydian mode with its lowered main tone as a substitute of the most important and the Aeolian mode as a substitute of the harmonic minor. He was in no way dependent on the modes solely for he used extended harmonies and complex modulations exterior the realm of traditional modal practices. Ravel was keen on chords of the ninth and eleventh and the acidity of his harmonies is largely the results of his fondness for unresolved appoggiaturas. His piano music, a few of which is is famous for its technical challenges, for instance, �Gaspard de la Nuit�, was an extension of Lisztian virtuosity. Other types from which Ravel drew materials included the forlane, rigaudon, waltz, czardas, habanera, passacaglia and the bolero. Even when writing in the type of others, Ravel�s own voice as a composer stays distinct. Francis Plante 1839-1934 Mikhael Pletnev 1957 Ivo Pogorelic 1958 Maurizio Pollini 1942 Lev Pouishnov 1891-1959 Sergei Prokofiev 1891-1953 Andre Previn 1929 Raoul Pugno 1852-1914 Sergei Rachmaninoff 1873-1943 Maurice Ravel 1875-1935 Carl Reinecke 1824-1910 Alfred Reisenauer 1863-1907 Sviatoslav Richter 1915-1997 Hans Richter-Haaser 1912-1980 Pascal Roge 1951 Charles Rosen 1927 Moriz Rosenthal 1862-1946 Bertrand Roth 1855-1938 Arthur Rubinstein 1887-1982 Camille Saint-Saens 1835-1921 Vassily Sapellnikoff 1868-1941 Emil von Sauer 1862-1942 Xaver Scharwenka 1850-1924 Ernest Schelling 1876-1939 Andras Schiff 1953 316 Artur Schnabel 1882-1951 Peter Serkin 1947 Rudolf Serkin 1903-1991 Huseyin Sermet 1955 Dimitris Sgouros 1969 Howard Shelley 1950 Dmitri Shostakovich 1906-1975 Bela Siki 1923 Alexander Siloti 1863-1945 Abbey Simon 1922 Ruth Slenczynska 1925 Jan Smeterlin 1892-1967 Cyril Smith 1909-1974 Ronald Smith 1922-2004 Vladimir Sofronitsky 1901-1961 Solomon 1902-1988 Andreas Staier 1955 Bernhard Stavenhagen 1862-1942 Constantine von Sternberg 1852-1924 Edward Steuermann 1892-1964 Simon Tedeschi 1982 Jean-Yves Thibaudet 1971 Vera Timanoff 1855-1942 Geoffrey Tozer 1954 Rosalyn Tureck 1914-2003 Mitsuko Uchida 1948 Tamas Vasary1933 Andre Watts 1946 Josef Weiss 1864-1918 Alexis Weissenburg Earl Wild 1915 Gerard Willems Roger Woodward 1942 Friedrich Wuhrer Maria Yudina 1899-1970 Christian Zacharias1950 Krystian Zimerman 1956 Chronological record 317 Carl Reinecke 1824-1910 Theodor Leschetizky 1830-1915 Johannes Brahms 1833-1897 Camille Saint-Saens 1835-1921 Francis Plante 1839-1934 Louis Diemer 1843-1919 Edvard Grieg 1843-1907 Gabriel Faure 1845-1924 Vladimir de Pachmann 1848-1933 Joseph Pizzarello 18 Xaver Scharwenka 1850-1924 Aleksander Michalowski 1851-1938 Raoul Pugno 1852-1914 Alfred Grunfeld 1852-1924 Constantine von Sternberg 1852-1924 Teresa Carreno 1853-1917 Bertrand Roth 1855-1938 Vera Timanoff 1855-1942 Cecile Chaminade 1857-1944 Arthur Friedheim 1859-1932 Richard Burmeister 1860-1933 Isaac Albeniz 1860-1909 Ignacy Paderewski 1860-1941 Fanny Davies 1861-1934 Emil von Sauer 1862-1942 Arthur de Greef 1862-1940 Bernhard Stavenhagen 1862-1942 Conrad Ansorge 1862-1940 Moriz Rosenthal 1862-1946 Alfred Reisenauer 1863-1907 Alexander Siloti 1863-1945 Eugen d�Albert 1864-1932 Josef Weiss 1864-1918 Georg Liebling 1865-1946 Ferruccio Busoni 1866-1924 Jose Vianna da Motta 1868-1948 Frederic Lamond 1868-1948 Vassily Sapellnikoff 1868-1941 Leopold Godowsky 1870-1938 Carl Friedberg 1872-1955 Sergei Rachmaninoff 1873-1943 Harold Bauer 1873-1951 Josef Lhevinne 1874-1944 Marguerite Long 1874-1966 Maurice Ravel 1875-1937 Josef Hofmann 1876-1957 318 Ernest Schelling 1876-1939 Alfred Cortot 1877-1962 Ossip Gabrilowitsch 1878-1936 Mark Hambourg 1879-1960 Wanda Landowska 1879-1959 Nicholas Medtner 1880-1951 Rosa Lhevinne 1880-1976 Bela Bartok 1881-1945 Egon Petri 1881-1962 Ignaz Friedman 1882-1948 Percy Grainger 1882-1961 Elly Ney 1882-1968 Artur Schnabel 1882-1951 Wilhelm Bachaus 1884-1969 Raoul Koczalski 1884-1948 Edwin Fischer 1886-1960 Arthur Rubinstein 1887-1982 Myra Hess 1890-1965 Benno Moiseiwitsch 1890-1963 Lev Pouishnov 1891-1959 Sergei Prokofiev 1891-1953 Mieczyslaw Horszowski 1892-1993 Jan Smeterlin 1892-1967 Edward Steuermann 1892-1964 Leo Ornstein 1893-2002 Clara Haskill 1895-1960 Walter Gieseking 1895-1956 Jose Iturbi 1895-1980 Wilhelm Kempff 1895-1991 Guiomar Novaes 1896-1979 Harriet Cohen 1896-1967 Stefan Askenase 1896-1985 Alexander Brailowsky 1896-1976 Simon Barere 1896-1951 Mischa Levitzky1898-1941 Robert Casadesus 1899-1972 Gerald Moore 1899-1897 Maria Yudina 1899-1970 Vladimir Sofronitsky 1901-1961 Solomon 1902-1988 Abram Chasins 1903-1987 Vladimir Horowitz 1903-1989 Claudio Arrau 1903-1991 Lili Kraus 1903-1986 Ervin Nyiregyhazi 1903-1987 Rudolf Serkin 1903-1991 319 Gregory Ginsburg 1904-1961 Vlado Perlemuter 1904-2002 Louis Kentner 1905-1987 Artur Balsam 1906-1994 Gunnar Johansen 1906-1991 Dmitri Shostakovich 1906-1975 Clifford Curzon 1907-1982 Lev Oborin 1907-1974 Felicia Blumenthal 1908-1991 Monique Haas 1909-1987 Cyril Smith 1909-1974 Shura Cherkassky 1909-1995 Rudolf Firkusny 1912-1994 Hans Richter-Haaser 1912-1980 Nikita Magaloff 1912-1992 Eileen Joyce 1912-1991 Andor Foldes 1913-1992 Gina Bachauer 1913-1976 Benjamin Britten 1913-1976 Witold Malcu(ynsky 1914-1977 Rosalyn Tureck 1914-2003 Cor de Groot 1914-1993 Jorge Bolet 1914-1990 Annie Fischer 1914-1995 Earl Wild 1915 Sviatoslav Richter 1915-1997 Emil Gilels1916-1985 Moura Lympany 1916-2005 Dinu Lipatti 1917-1950 Eugene List 1918-1985 Leonard Bernstein 1918-1990 Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli 1920-1995 Leonid Hambro 1920-2006 Georges Cziffra 1921-1994 Grant Johannesen 1921-2005 Geza Anda 1921-1976 Abbey Simon 1922 William Kapell 1922-1953 Halina Czerny-Stefanska 1922-2001 Bruce Hungerford 1922-1977 Noel Mewton-Wood 1922-1953 Ronald Smith 1922-2004 Alicia de Larrocha 1923 Bela Siki 1923 Raymond Lewenthal 1923-1988 Samson Francois 1924-1970 320 Tatiana Nikolayeva 1924-1993 Aldo Ciccolini 1925 Ruth Slenczynska 1925 Julius Katchen 1926-1969 Paul Badura-Skoda 1927 Charles Rosen 1927 Sergio Fiorentino 1927-1998 Walter Klien 1928-1991 Bella Davidovici 1928 Gary Graffman 1928 Jorg Demus 1928 Leon Fleisher 1928 Byron Janis 1928 Ingrid Haebler 1929 Geoffrey Parsons 1929-1995 Andre Previn 1929 Peter Katin 1930 Lazar Berman 1930-2005 Ivan Moravec 1930 David Bar-Illan 1930-2003 Friedrich Gulda 1930 Dalton Baldwin 1931 Alfred Brendel 1931 Adam Harasiewicz 1932 Tamas Vasary1933 Glenn Gould 1932-1982 John Browning 1933-2003 Augustin Anievas 1934 Van Cliburn 1934 Philippe Entremont 1934 Tsong Fou 1934 Malcom Bilson 1935 Peter Frankl 1935 Cecile Ousset 1936 Vladimir Ashkenazy 1937 John Ogdon 1937-1989 Anton Kuerti 1938 Stephen Kovacevich 1940 Christoph Eschenbach 1940 Idil Biret 1941 Martha Argerich 1942 Roger Woodward 1942 Daniel Barenboim 1942 Maurizio Pollini 1942 Maria Joao Pires 1943 Daniel Chorzempa 1944 321 John Lill 1944 Nelson Freire 1944 Radu Lupu 1945 Andre Watts 1946 Rafael Orozco 1946-1996 David Helfgott 1947 Murray Perahia 1947 Peter Serkin 1947 Jean-Phillipe Collard 1948 Garrick Ohlsson 1948 Leslie Howard 1948 Mitsuko Uchida 1948 Emanuel Ax1949 Imogen Cooper 1949 Katia Labeque 1950 Christian Zacharias1950 Howard Shelley 1950 Cyprien Katsaris 1951 Pascal Roge 1951 Francois-Rene Duchable 1952 Marielle Labeque 1952 Zoltan Kocsis 1952 Vladimir Feltsman 1952 Jeno Jando 1952 Peter Donohoe 1953 Andras Schiff 1953 Geoffrey Lancaster 1954 Geoffrey Tozer 1954 Nikolai Demidenko 1955 Huseyin Sermet 1955 Andrei Gavrilov 1955 Andreas Staier 1955 Stephanie McCallum 1956 Krystian Zimerman 1956 Mikhael Pletnev 1957 Angela Hewitt 1958 Ivo Pogorelic 1958 Louis Lortie 1959 Barry Douglas 1960 Marc-Andre Hamelin 1961 Stephen Hough 1961 Dimitris Sgouros 1969 Evgeny Kissin 1971 Jean-Yves Thibaudet 1971 Till Fellner 1972 Maria Martinova 1974 322 Olga Kern 1975 Freddy Kempff 1977 Lang Lang 1982 Yundi Li 1982 Simon Tedeschi 1982 Barbara Hesse-Bukowska Friedrich Wuhrer Ian Holtham Piers Lane Alexis Weissenburg Orazio Frugoni Michele Campanella Rudolf Buchbinder Boris Berman Ronald Farren-Price Gerard Willems John O�Connor Mathieu Papadiamandis Paul Lewis Recordings & performing mannerisms Wax cylinders had been issued before, and for a couple of years after, 1900. Acoustic discs had been issued from about 1904 to about 1925 after they started to get replaced by electric discs. Reproducing piano rolls had been issued from 1905 to about 1930 when manufacturing virtually ceased. In addition, in the circumstances of discs, the pianist was typically hurrying to fit the music onto the disc. They are at all times fascinating historically, and the evidence they convey in precise sound is exclusive for what they tell us about earlier piano performing types. Research in this space on the very least helps to answer the fascinating questions: �How did the famous pianists actually play; how did composers play their very own compositions; how did composers count on to hear their compositions played

Eye defects arachnodactyly cardiopathy

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The dimensions and curadvent of efficient medical therapies and refined surgivature of the inside root sheath decide the diameter cal methods, a multibillion-greenback hair restoration and shape of the hair. The dermal papilla and the follicular epithelium peutic therapy of the individual with hair loss. The interact to induce the cyclic and repeating pattern of norphysician may be the solely one who can broach the mal hair development. Epithelium stem cells of the outer root subject of hair loss with the patient without showing sheath bulge migrate from the follicle to repopulate the judgmental or grossly inappropriate. With a basic epithelium after damage corresponding to that which occurs in laser understanding of normal hair physiology and the most resurfacing. The outer root sheath also contains Langercommon causes of hair loss, the doctor from any hans and Merkel cells, respectively, serving essential subspecialty can present efficient take care of these with immunologic and neurosensory features. More particularly, after recognizing the presEach follicle proceeds by way of three phases throughence of hair loss in the patient and making the approout the life of the follicle: (1) anagen (development), (2) catpriate diagnosis (male pattern baldness or alopecia agen (involution), and (three) telogen (resting). The influence of such help on the individdiffering lengths of time spent in the anagen stage. Thirty % of 30-12 months-old males and 50% tors have an effect on the size of time spent in the anagen stage. During the catagen stage, the follicle involutes with White males are four times extra likely than African-Amerapoptosis of the follicular keratinocytes and melanocytes. The telogen phase of scalp hair lasts 2�4 months, after which the follicle reenters the anagen stage. If a higher perPathogenesis centage of hair follicles are in the telogen stage, extra shedding of hair results. Two isoforms of 5reductase exist, that proportion, thereby causing an additional lack of scalp hair. Causes of hair loss affecting both women and men embody these which are reversible and those which are irreClinical Findings versible. Reversible causes of hair loss involve an interruption in the natural hair follicle development cycle. The Androgenetic alopecia in males begins with bitemporal commonest types of reversible alopecia embody hairline recession followed by thinning of the vertex. Furandrogenetic alopecia (eg, male pattern baldness and ther thinning of the vertex leads to a bald patch that female pattern hair loss), alopecia areata, and telogen could enlarge and mix with the progressively receding and anagen effluvium. This finally leads to a narrow rim of is technically reversible because it represents an interhair of the lower parietal and occipital areas. Such female hair loss reveals a different pattern common irreversible types of hair loss embody these by which a diffuse thinning of the frontal or parietal ensuing from scars, trauma, surgery, and burns. Androgenetic Alopecia girls typically have normal menses, pregnancies, and general endocrine operate. Androgenetic alopecia has a distinct pattern in both � Occurs in both women and men. Other reversible causes of hair loss, corresponding to alopecia areata and sure situations that induce a telogen effluvium, must be ruled out. General Considerations Complications Androgenetic alopecia is the commonest explanation for hair loss and occurs in genetically vulnerable individuals. Hair Complications of alopecia center on the psychosocial loss in both affected women and men typically begins influence on the individual as alluded to above. This was and items offer a less than natural-showing choice for based mostly on three randomized double-blind placebocoverage. Both medical and surgical modalities are availcontrolled trials by which a total of 1879 males experiable for both women and men. Individuals underAfter 2 years, sixty seven% of the men had increased scalp covergoing hair restoration surgery will start medical remedy age. The therapeutic impact of both medicine requires sexual dysfunction happen slightly extra commonly than the continued use of the medicine. Such adverse results typically resolve with continued remedy in the end achieves an overall scalp density less use.

Pseudotumor cerebri

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Those who lose hearing in the low frequency range tend to hear a low, roaring or throbbing tinnitus, and those that lose hearing in the high frequency range tend to hear a high pitched whine. Soft sounds have to be amplied however loud sounds have to be attenuated, a course of referred to as "compression" in the industry. Compressed sounds, especially music, sound terrible to most individuals so that sufferers with even the most costly hearing aids costing over $10, 000. Those sporting hearing aids for the rst time must go through a interval of gradual acclimation to the compression; the audiologist gradually increases the compression over a interval of weeks or months. Patients with hearing aids wear them to be able to perceive conversations, not for music which typically sounds higher without hearing aids. The rst thing that happens when hearing is impaired is the difficulty of understanding conversations. Lack of communications will shortly cause the "communications part" of the mind to atrophy, which is the principle purpose for sporting hearing aids � to restore communications and delay the mind atrophy as a lot as potential. By the time an individual needs a hearing help, the mind usually has atrophied so that the gentle background noises, when amplied by the hearing aids, can ood the mind causing mind fatigue. This could be very bothersome as a result of the irritating background noise carries no helpful data, giving the user another excuse for not sporting it. For these with sufficiently severe hearing loss, cochlea implants seem to be a viable answer, however are costly and prescribed just for sufferers which might be legally deaf. Inexpensive fashions without sufficient compression can hasten hearing loss if the quantity is turned up too high. The tester supplies pattern sounds and the affected person tells the tester which sound is closest to his tinnitus. For non-pathological cases, ear damage is generally brought on by exposure to loud sounds. It is probably going that hearing loss by pianists and piano tuners (as well as rock band members, and so forth. Before sporting protection, do every thing potential to reduce sound intensity, similar to soundproong the room (adding carpets to onerous oors, curtains to onerous partitions, and so forth. Ear damage is cumulative and partly self-therapeutic, so occasional loud sounds can be innocent. Soundproong a room is easy since you solely need to forestall multiple reections, which can be accomplished by soundproong solely two or three surfaces. An different to ear protection is to apply on digitals with the quantity turned down. For pianists, a reasonable unit or mild headphones will suffice as a result of you should hear some music. The mind routinely processes any incoming data, whether or not you need it to or not. In the long run, piano college students will wear ear protection (or turn the quantity down for digital pianos), just as many athletes and building workers use helmets right now. This kind of music hits the identical observe repeatedly, thus over-stressing that part of the auditory system. In this regard, the condition of the hammer is necessary, since a worn hammer can produce a a lot louder initial bang than a properly voiced hammer. This is why worn hammers cause more string breakage than new or well voiced hammers. Thus proper voicing of the hammer could also be more necessary than many people understand, for working towards pianissimo, taking part in musically, technical development, and protecting the ear. If you have to close the lid of a grand to be able to play softly, or to reduce the sound to a pleasing degree, the hammers most likely need voicing. Some of the loudest sounds are produced by even tiny ear telephones used to listen to music. Parents should warn their youngsters to not maintain turning up the quantity, especially if they subscribe to the culture that plays loud music.

Billard Toutain Maheut syndrome

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Due to the low relative dose and the mechanism by which probenecid works, no disturbing impact on a breastfed child must be anticipated. Medications for treating gout assaults embrace (along with non steroid antiphlogistics such as ibuprofen) phenylbutazone and the mitosis inhibitor colchicine. Assuming 636 References the utmost worth talked about, near 10% of the maternal weight associated dosage could be calculated for the toddler. These four infants and other uncovered infants followed by the author for 2 years devel oped unremarkably (Ben-Chetrit 1996). Phenylbutazone, which has a strong antiphlogistic impact and a weak analgesic and antipyretic impact, is distinguished by an immune toxic impact on hemopoiesis, fluid retention, and a protracted half-life of 30�one hundred seventy hours. Probenecid is the drug of alternative for interval treatment of gout throughout breastfeeding. Colostrum morphin concentrations throughout postcesarean intravenous affected person-controlled analgesia. Epidural sufentanil for post caesarean ache: breast milk stage and results on the infant. Intravenous propofol throughout caesarean sec tion: placental switch, concentrations in breast milk and neonatal results. Toxic hemolytic anemia within the newborn toddler comply with four ing ingestion of a phenazone spinoff (Cibalgin) through breast milk in German. Buprenorphine and norbuprenorphine concentra tions in human breast milk samples decided by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. Prospective comply with-up of antagonistic reactions in breast-fed infants uncovered to maternal medication. Opiate dependancy in grownup offspring through possible imprinting after obstetric treatment. Analgesia and unwanted side effects after a single bolus dose throughout elective caesarean part. Pharmacokinetics of midazolam, propofol, and fentanyl switch to human breast milk. Excretion of lidocaine and bupivacaine in breast milk following epidural anesthesia for cesarean delivery. The excretion of ketorolac tromethamine into breast milk after a number of oral dosing. Exogenous opioids in human breast milk and acute neonatal neurobehaviour: a preliminary study. Rarely, gentle restlessness, sedation or weak sucking � none of them needing treatment � are described within the breastfed child (see, for instance, Moretti 1995). The plasma half-life of astemizole is 26 hours, and that of the metabolites as much as 9 days. There was shown to be an accumulation of the substance when very excessive doses were administered (informa tion from the producer). In reference to the use of brompheniramine plus d-isoephedrine throughout breastfeeding, a hyperexcitable toddler was described (Mortimer 1977). The half-life of 9 hours is sort of short, and the medication has scarcely any sedative or atropine-like motion. Stiff neck, hyperexcitability, and sleepiness were noticed within the toddler of a mother being handled with clemastine, and 5�10 g of the substance per liter was detected within the milk. This widespread H1-blocker has a short half-life of 5�7 hours, and there are beneficial doses for children starting at 1 yr. Diphenhydramine was beneficial by the American Academy of Pediatrics for the breastfeeding period. However, due to the sturdy sedative impact, its use as an antiallergic can no longer be jus tified. Following a single dose of forty mg of loratadine, a switch to the toddler of about 1% of the efficient substance (together with metabolite) was calculated, in comparison with the maternal weight-associated dosage (Hilbert 1988).

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