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The Lake Country Christian School Theater program is designed to train students in stage production/performance techniques and critical analysis of dramatic works. We strive to foster growth in students of all creative levels and guide each student to discover and develop his/her God-given talents on stage or behind the stage. For a complete list of theater classes offered in our Fort Worth campus, contact us.

Middle School

Students learn the basic elements of theater, including essential techniques of stage performance and improvisation. Students perform onstage or work backstage on a “Junior” Broadway musical or a play in alternating years. Additionally, students participate in the ACSI speech competition.

High School

Students develop skills across the spectrum of live theater production and apply learning through involvement in the high school musical, and high school play.

Theater Tech classes focus on the many technical, mechanical, design, and management elements of stage performance and production. Students develop vocabulary and knowledge in the areas of scenery, props, costumes, makeup, lighting, and sound. Additionally, students use computer programs (3D modeling, sound editing, etc.) in both design and performance.

Theater classes develop skills for successful and impacting stage performances including improvisation, character creation, believability and connection, and objective-based action. Additionally, students develop voice and body techniques to foster stage presence and performance effectiveness.

Choir and music programs for elementary and intermediate school students strive to teach students how to use the gift of music with which God has blessed them in the most excellent way possible. The elementary classes provide the strong musical foundation necessary for success in both the choral and instrumental programs that the Lake Country Christian School Fine Arts Department offers. For a full list of music classes offered in our Fort Worth campus, contact us.

Music classes ensure students receive a strong foundation in beat, rhythm, musical concepts and musicality through listening, singing, musical exercises, instruments, movement and games. They also begin instruction in Kodaly, ear training, note naming and American music history.

Performance opportunities include, but are not limited to:  a yearly musical, utilizing choir songs, solos, script, costumes, sets, and props, with a strong, often evangelistic, Christian message, Veterans’ Day presentations, Grandparents’ Day performance, singing the National Anthem at sporting events, performing in Chapels, local mission activities, i.e. singing at nursing homes.

Honors Choir is our advanced choir for 3rd through 5th Graders. This choir sings a variety of music designed to accelerate their skills in choral singing and performance, including two-part music and foreign language pieces. This group also competes in choir festivals and competitions.

The Lake Country Christian School band program strives for creative excellence while helping students learn the proper process for mastering their instrument. We begin band at the 6th grade level where students have the opportunity to play woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments. Our 9th through 12th grade students also have the opportunity to play guitar, drum set, and piano in our Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo. Students compete both individually and as a group at several competitions throughout the school year. Our students have participated successfully in the TMEA, TPSMEA, TAPPS, and ATSSB divisions.

Middle School Band

  • Meets five days a week with sectionals two days a week.
  • Marches, traditional ballads, jazz, and Pep Band music are all part of the curriculum.
  • Performs two concerts per year and competitions.
  • Performances at football games and basketball games as Eagle Band.

High School Band

  • Meets five days a week.
  • Performs at least two concerts per year and multiple competitions.
  • Performances at football games and basketball games as Eagle Band.

The Lake Country Christian School Choral Program’s primary goal is to teach students in both middle and high school how to sing and perform in a way that glorifies God. We utilize a variety of musical styles, with a strong emphasis on classical repertoire, to strive for high musical standards and godly attitudes in performance and preparation.

Middle School Choir

  • Participates in a choral music program with progressive use of Kodaly, sight singing, ear training, and proper vocal production. A wide variety of styles is utilized.
  • Begins two-and three-part singing.
  • Performance opportunities include:
    • High school musical as it calls for younger performers
    • School-wide Christmas chapel
    • Spring Junior Broadway musical in alternating years
    • Participation in ACSI and TAPPS choral festivals
  • Show Choir is our advanced choir for Middle School. This choir incorporates movement into two- and three-part singing.

High School Choir

  • Concert Choir focuses on developing their ability to sing four-part music and covering more challenging literature.
  • There are opportunities to perform in large groups, small groups, or as soloists.
  • Auditions are held for places in regional and state-wide choirs through Texas-based organizations such as TMEA, TPSMEA, ACSI, and TAPPS.
  • Our Broadway musical is a major venue for showcasing our students’ musical talent. Whether as a lead or as members of the chorus, students audition to be a part of the musical and make a key commitment in time and talent to help bring the production to fruition.

At Lake Country Christian School, it is our desire to show how art is such an important part of our lives…how learning about it and creating it draws us closer to each other and to God, The Master Artist.


  • Experimentation with various media, processes and techniques
  • A positive and nurturing environment, which results in self-discovery and the joy of the creative process
  • Opportunities for artwork to be displayed in the LCCS Art Show, and participation in the ACSI Art Festival held every spring


  • 7th and 8th grades meet various times per week based on a pre-set Fine Arts rotation for maximum exposure and experience of each creative process
  • Given an opportunity to work two- and three-dimensionally with a variety of techniques and materials
  • Opportunities for artwork to be displayed in the LCCS Art Show, and participation in the ACSI Art Festival held every spring


  • Art I, II, III, IV and AP classes are available.
  • A wide range of art media incorporates a higher understanding of the elements and principles of art
  • Opportunities for artwork to be displayed in the LCCS Art Show
  • Participation in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial School (TAPPS) District and State Art Meets held every spring

Worship Culture consist of music, media, and ministry. This program is focused on training students in servant leadership in all aspects of their life. Music fundamentals are taught in theory and band dynamics. Students are instructed in many elements including staging, stage presence, band dynamics, ear training skills, audience dynamics, service flow elements, power point, and sound. Character is built through teaching, videos, and guest worship leaders. Students have the opportunity to grow spiritually and musically. The worship arts program seeks to accomplish several goals:

  • Develop and establish a successful worship program for youth through identifying leaders, imparting, mentoring and teaching
  • Develop and establish a culture of musical creativity through original musical ideas and songwriting
  • Develop and establish character through service and spiritual leadership


Two elementary students painting in art class