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LCCS Community

The LCCS Family

Within Lake Country Christian School lives a vibrant community of prayer and faith, supported by the administration, students, parents, faculty, alumni, and board members. Our philosophy of family involvement and parent partnership ensures a stable, nurturing environment for our students. We offer a wide variety of activities and events to cultivate community at LCCS:

  • Community-centric outreach and mission programs
  • Elementary multi-grade field trips and multi-class reading sessions
  • Middle school cross grade-level teams
  • High school House System
  • Weekly Chapels for elementary, middle and high school students, open to school parents and prospective families
  • All-school Chapels on Veteran’s Day and Christmas
  • Athletic games, meets and tournaments with a small-town feel
  • Opportunities for athletes to mentor elementary school students through Junior Eagles programs and events
  • All-school pep rallies
  • LCCS performing arts productions in all grade levels
  • Art shows for all grade levels
  • Christmas and Spring band and choir concerts
  • Academic events including spelling bees, speech meets, and math olympics
  • Parent volunteer opportunities

Whether you are new to our school, considering our school for your children, or are a long-time school parent, we invite you to attend our events and be a part of our LCCS family.