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LCCS High School

Lake Country Christian Upper School is a Christian College Preparatory Academy. Our goal is to prepare our students to be Christian leaders as a part of a successful college experience and beyond. There are many opportunities that are available to further this endeavor.

  • Rigorous Academics
  • Well-Rounded Student Life
  • Competitive Athletics
  • Top Notch Fine Arts
  • Spiritual Foundation

As a college preparatory academy, Lake Country Christian Upper School bases our degree plan on the TEA Recommended Diploma.

4 credits English
4 credits Bible
4 credits Mathematics
4 credits Social Studies
4 credits Science
2 credits same Foreign Language
1 credit Fine Arts
1/2 credit Communications
1 credit Athletics or 4 credits Band

Graduation Requirements: 28 Credits
Courses beyond required courses can be selected from electives. In addition, there are multiple opportunities presented to students to exceed those expectations. The Advanced Placement Program is the method LCCS has chosen for students to earn college credit. Advanced courses include:

  • AP® Classes are offered in the following courses, dependent on enrollment:
    Art • Biology • Chemistry • Calculus • Statistics • Human Geography • World History • U.S. History • U.S. Government • English III – English Language and Composition • English IV – English Literature and Composition • Spanish
  • Pre-AP® Classes are offered in the following courses:
    Geometry • Algebra II • English I • English II • Biology I • Chemistry I • Spanish III • Art II
  • In addition to the courses listed above, the following elective courses are offered:
    Concert Choir • Choir Honors • Band • Band Honors • Music Applications • Art I, II, III • Pre-Calculus Honors • Algebra III • Career Prep • Engineering Design and Problem Solving • Journalism Honors • Theatre • Athletics • Dance • Online courses as approved by administration

Lake Country Christian Upper School utilizes a Modified Block Schedule.

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Friday all nine periods meet for 45 minutes.
  • Wednesday and Thursday are reserved as block days where academic classes meet for an hour and a half.

The iPad is the 1:1 technology tool for teaching and learning. Every student in grades 6-12 is responsible for purchasing an iPad with the appropriate requirements to use in the classroom and at home each day. Through this program, we continue the school’s ongoing commitment to:

  • Educate students for the 21st century
  • Equip students to lead in technology
  • Encourage students in innovative thinking

As you progress through your educational experience, life at Lake Country Christian Upper School is enriched through extracurricular opportunities.

The House System:  The purpose of the House system is to provide a means of building unity, loyalty, and tradition through the upper school over an extended period of time. It is designed to encourage and increase competition between students and to create a supportive environment. It also provides leadership opportunities. It originated in British boarding schools where students actually lived in “house” units. The LCCS Houses are named after persons with founding connections to the school. The names for the houses at Lake Country are Blanton, Byers, McElreath, and Mauldin. Each House has distinguishing character qualities, a color, and an animal symbol. The LCCS High School student body is divided into four mixed gender mixed grade level groups. All members of the same family are placed in the same house. The Houses do not replace grouping students by grade level for Pep Rallies and other traditional events.

  • 2017-18 Heads of House: Blanton – Bobby Clark, Byers – Madison Heath, McElreath – Trace Howard, Maulden – Aaron Jones

YMCA Texas Youth and Government:  The Y & G Program allows students to participate in mock government activities in a competitive scholastic setting. Whether serving in the legislature, senate, courts, or media students gain political awareness and improve their communication skills through speaking and debating issues.

  • LCCS students attend the district conference held in Forth Worth and the state conference in Austin.
  • LCCS students are frequently selected as distinguished delegates on the state level.
  • LCCS students have been elected as state officers and Youth Governors.
  • LCCS students have served as state delegates for the Conference on National Affairs in North Carolina.

4-H:  Texas 4-H prepares young people to step up to the challenges in their communities and the world. Head, Heart, Hands, and Health are the four Hs in 4-H, and they are the four values members work on through fun and engaging programs. These programs provide 4-H youth the hands-on real world experience they need to develop into leaders.

Student Council:  The LCCS Student Council provides students the opportunity to participate in a representative governing body at an appropriate level for upper school students. Student Council members provide input, organize, coordinate, and carry out plans for special events throughout the year including New Student Orientation, Open House, Spirit Week, Love Your Neighbor Week, Homecoming, and Spring Formal.

  • 2017-18  Student Council Officers: President – Brelyn Hayes, Vice President – Mikey Thompson, Secretary – Avarie Switzer, Treasurer – Emily Tarr, Senior Representatives Lily Rymell, Trevor Thompson, Garrett Guerrero, Junior Representatives –  Luke Cummings, Elizabeth Fleming, Aubrie Miller, Sophomore Representatives – Lauren Gay, Lily Carroll, John Scott Lockhart, Freshman Representatives – Jackson Duffy, Emma Hunsucker, Tyler Vance.











Spiritual Life

Lake Country Christian High School is an extension of the Christian home and local church. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to come to faith in Christ, to teach them who they are in him and to grow in a real relationship with God. Bible classes, chapels, retreats, biblically integrated academic instruction and relationships with other students, teachers and administrators whose lives reflect Christ help students to love God and want to know him better.

Community Outreach and Missions

Lake Country Christian High School is committed to missions. Acts 1:8 commands us to be witnesses in Jerusalem (Fort Worth), Judea (Texas), Samaria (Mexico), and the uttermost parts of the earth (overseas). Our desire is to give students an opportunity to fulfill these verses and to see the purposes of God revealed.

We feel very strongly that students learn early on the importance of giving back to the community and sharing God’s love with others on a practical level. High school students are required to accomplish a number of community service hours annually. Those hours may be accomplished by local outreach and/or domestic and international mission trips.

  • High school students have traveled with LCCS to Galveston, Arizona, Missouri, El Paso/Juarez, Honduras, Spain, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Peru, Argentina, Panama, Romania, Scotland, Germany, India, Turkey, England, South Africa, Czech Republic, and Italy to serve through building projects, disaster recovery, feeding the poor, working with schools/orphanages/medical clinics, evangelism, intercession, and outreach through the arts or sports and cultural exchanges.
  • Throughout the year students come together to plan, gather needed resources, and provide support for community-based organizations such as Beautiful Feet Ministries, Tarrant Area Food Bank, Union Gospel Mission, Life Unlimited Ministries, and Saginaw’s Community Link Mission.
  • High School Mission Days are designated each spring to provide an opportunity for students to  serve together at local community-based organizations.